The 9th Daegwallyeong Snow Festival
Jan. 10 ~ Jan. 14, 2001


The Daegwallyeong area of Doam-myeon in Pyeongchang
County, Often referred to as "the roof of Korea," has a resplendent beauty of its own. Deep snow would often cut off this highland from the outside word.
People here would traverse snow-laden fields and valleys in ski-like wooden footwear or on toboggans, and relied on hunting
for winter sustenance.
This festival will entertain winter spectators with the highlanders' unique traditions as well. Yongpyeong Resort also offers word-class skiing and other outdoor fun.


Jan. 10 ~ Jan. 14


Hoenggye-ri, Doam-myon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do Province


Mt. Hwangbyeongsan hunting game, snow sculpture tournament, traditional sledding tournament, snowman building contest, residents skiing competition, traditional folk play, fireworks exhibition, potato roast.