The 24th Jindo Yeongdeung Festival
May 22 ~ May 25, 2001


If you want the experience of crossing the sea on dry land,
do not miss this festival.
It is held at the time when the tide drops six or seven meters to part the sea between Jindo and Modo Islands, often compared to Moses's miracle.
Spectators walk across the seabed gathering edible seaweed, conches, clams, octopus and many types of pretty shells.


May 22 ~ May 25


Hoedong-ri, Gogun-myeon to Modo-ri, Uisin-myeon


Sea parting, Yeongdeungsalpuri, a shaman rite to exorcise evil spirits; Dasiraegi, the mourner's entertainment performed the night before a burial; Ganggangsuwollae, a circle dance chorus of girls or women; Namdo Deullorae, farming songs of Jindo region; Namdo Manga, pall-bearers dirge; ship parade; Jindo dog show