The 5th Muju Firefly Festival
Jun 16 ~ Jun 20, 2001


Nestled in a pollution-free area, Muju enjoys clean air and water, which has allowed both its residents and its natural wonders such as fireflies to thrive. Superb nature presents itself like an oriental watercolor landscape.
Themed on fireflies, which dwell only in such clean areas, this festival is a special environmental festival. The fireflies will invite you to the bushes and brooks which are their habitat.
Beautiful scenes of this unspoiled land will be embossed in your memory like stars


Jun 16 ~ Jun 20


The whole area of Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do Province


Prayer festival for firefly prosperity, mysterious exploration of lightning bugs, release of daseulgi (food for the firefly larva), firefly lectures, ecology photograph exhibition, environmental speech contest, drawing contest, writing contest