Mt.Hallasan Snowflake Festival 2001
Jan. 13 ~ Jan. 21, 2001


Mt. Hallasan, in its own unique way, captivates visitors with breathtaking beauty in each of the four seasons. During the winter, the pure white snowflakes clinging to the alpine trees provide spellbinding scenery that arouses the deepest admiration for the vast snow fields.
Come January, a festival kicks off with the crystal white Hallasan as a backdrop that will make your winter experiences here unforgettable.
Through diverse and entertaining events such as sledding, maze games and trekking, you will find yourself reminiscing about your childhood days.


Jan. 13 ~ Jan. 21


Around Orimok Plaza, Jeju-do Province


Climbing Mt. Hallasan's summit, revival of elderly men's traditional Jeju folk drama, sledding site. climbing a dormant parasitic volcano, snow survival game, Jeju folk performances, ski classes.