The 71st Chunhyang Festival
May 4 ~ May 9, 2001


Gwanghallu Pavilion in Namwon City the rendezvous of Seong Chun-hyang and Yi Mong-nyong, characters in an old novel whose names have become synonym for "lovers."
With flourishing fanfare, this festival calls together tourists from all quarters to enjoy indigenous culture and arts productions, including Pansori Chunhyang-jeon, the lengthy epic solo song describing the life of Chunhyang.
The Chunhyang Beauty Contest with the contestants adorned in traditional attire is the climax of the festival.


May 4 ~ May 9


Gwanghanru Pavilion & Chunhyang Cultural Hall, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do Province


Paying respects at Chunhyang's tomb, memorial ceremony for Chunhyang, costume parade featuring Chunhyang's life story, national folk music performance, Chunhyang music, love letter writing. Chunhyang pansori performance, national archery contest, Namwon wooden dish festival, Chunhyang beauty contest