Daegu Yak-Ryeong-si Festival 2001
May 15 ~ May 24, 2001


Yak-Ryeong-si in Daegu is a traditional medicinal herb market which distributed Oriental medicines over nation from the reign of the King Hyojong of the Joseon Dynasty. And not only to Korea--Oriental medicines were distributed from here to many nations including China, Manchuria and Russia. It achieved a world-wide reputation as an Oriental medicine hub. The festival is held around the Namseongno Streets in Daegu, where about 350 Oriental medicine clinics and herb shops closely line the streets.
Any visitor can experience the excellency of the traditional culture of Oriental medicine through participating in the various festival events.


May 15 ~ May 24


Yakryeongsi Exhibition Hall, The medicinal herb market in Daegu


Planting a medicinal herb garden; wild plants exposition; various competitions including collecting, proper naming, speed-chopping of medicinal plants; samplings of medicinal teas, liquors and rice cake; free-of-charge Oriental medical diagnosis and treatment, and lectures; showcase of the (Yangyeongsi / Yak-Ryeong-Si) Medicinal Herb Garden; etc.