This is the royal tomb of King Danjong, the sixth king of the Chosun-Dynasty, who was
    enthroned at the age of 12 (1452), but dethroned by his uncle Suyang.
    Danjong was demoted to Prince Nosan and exiled to Chongnyonpo, Yongwol-gun, when
    the plot to restore him to the throne by the loyal subjects was revealed. Being parted from
    his wife, he spent the lonely period of one year and a half here in custody and isolation.
    In October 1457, when another scheme for restoration of Danjong by a magistrate was     detected, the usurper King Sejo bestowed poison to Prince Nosan, who ended up his tragic     life at the age of 17. Because Danjong was persecuted on the crime of treason, nobody was     allowed to bury his corpse. Om Heung-Do, however, ignored the ruthless law, and stole the     dead body which he buried here at Changneung. It is wondrous that all the pine trees near     the tomb have a list toward the tomb, as if they were bowing to the ill-fated King.