Dosan Confucian academy & shrine was built in 1574, the seventh year of King Sonjo's reign of the Choson Dynasty, by confucian scholars in memory of Yi Hwang, renowned Confucian scholar of the Choson Dynasty. Later, King Sonjo bestowed a name board written by Han Sok-pong, a master calligrapher, on the academy.  The academy played a central role in the Confucian studies.  
 It contains many buildings such as Dosan Sodang, the original schoolhouse,
Nong-un Chongsa which houses a dormitory and a library, a relics hall, Sangdoksa Shrine (Treasure No. 211), Chongyodang, the main lecture hall (Treasure No.210), two identical buildings called Kwangmyongshil where books and documents are kept.
Dosan Confucian Academy was designated as Historic Site No. 170.