This is the joint tomb of Great King Sejong of the Choson dynasty and his wife, Qeen Sohon-wanghu. Originally, the tomb was located in Seoul, but it was moved into its present site in the first year of King Yejong (1469). From 1975 on, the rehabilitation of the tomb area was implemented and a memorial building, Sejongjong, was established in 1977 to commemorate King Sejong's amazing achievements.

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 Sejong the Great acceded to the throne in 1418  and passed away in 1450. During his reign for 32 years, he created Hangul (Korean alphabet) and invented various instrument such as rainfall gauge, water clock, sundial and so on. He arranged also court music and extended his territory by conquering northern borders. He was one of so-called renaissance man and the best king Korea has ever experienced.

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 There are Sejong's bronze statue to the right, and Sejongjon, a memorial hall which houses his belongs, sundial and astronomical observatory to the left. There is another royal tomb called Nyongrung (the seventeenth King Hyojong and his wife) besides the great king's tomb and these tombs are jointly designated as Historic Site no.195.