Baekryonsa Temple



 Baekryonsa Temple is said to have been founded during the reign of King
Shinmun-wang of the Shilla Kingdom, when a white lotus suddenly appeared following the death of Backryun-sonsa, a buddhist monk who lived here in seclusion. Hence the name Baekryonsa means "White Lotus Temple".
 This is the only remaining temple among the 14 that once existed in the valley. Passing Iljumun Gate across Backryun Bridge at the entrance to the temple, one will be confronted by a 108-step stairway, ascending to the main hall.
 The stairway symbolizes the
108 evil passions of Buddhism. The stairway has long served as an ordination altar for monks. Many prominent priests came from this temple. The temple houses a stupa to Maewoltang (Local Tangible Cultural Property No. 43).