The Baekmagoji Battlefield

The Baekmagoji, that is in the northern Cheolwon-gun, was one of the most gory battlefield during the Korean War. In the Baekmagoji battle, where the Chinese army stepped up the offensive for 10 days from Oct 6, 1952, 300 thousand cannons exploded altogether, and the owner of the goji had changed 24 times. After the battle, the Chinese army had suffered 14 thousand casualties, with 2 divisions totally broken up, and the Korean Army 9th division was called Baekma Division from then on with the great victory. It was hard to distinguish between dust and corpses and there were stench everywhere. With the bombing of either sides, the mountain lost its original form. It was called the Baekmagoji because the new form reminded of a white horse (baekma) lying down.