Baeri Samjonbul



 The Buddhist Triad at Kyongju's Paeri is also known as the "Zen Valley Stone Triad." All three  figures are standing. The Sakyamuni Buddha is relatively large at 2.7 meters in height. Its face is  full and its eyebrows are large and distinct. The eyes seem to be smiling. In fact, all three  Buddhas seem to be smiling like children. This reflects the character of the Shilla people in the  early 7thcentury when these sculptures were made. The Buddhas relatively large heads also  give them a childlike appearance. The Main Buddha's feet are rectangular and give a feeling of  stability. The palm of the right hand is raised; the left is turned outward and down in generosity  and promise. The Buddha seems especially friendly, more like a neighborhood grandfather  than a teacher. Originally a stone seat stood in front of the Main Buddha. It was destroyed and  has been replaced by another stone. The Main Buddha's halo is relatively small, making the  head seem all the larger. The somewhat heavy folds of the Buddha's robes are the statue's  greatest flaw.