(cooked rice mixed with various ingredients, including vegetables) 



 One of the 3 representative food of the Chosun Dynasty, along with Pyongyang Naengmyun (cold noodles in a beef broth) and Kaesung Tangban (cooked rice mixed with hot soup), Chonju is served along with 30-odd kinds of side-dishes, including bean sprouts, Chungpomuk (green-pea jelly), glutinous rice, thick soy-paste mixed with red peppers, and many others. It is one of Chonju's essential culinary traditions. 


    cooked rice, bean sprouts, beef soup-bones, soybean-paste mixed with red peppers, soy-bean paste, sesame oil, sliced raw beef, green-pea jelly, and eggs. Vegetable ingredients include spinach, fernbrake, young squash, mushrooms, crown daisies, lettuce, radish, green peppers, cucumbers, carrots, spring onions, and Korean cabbage.

How to cook

    ¢ºRice: Cook the rice dry and hard in a meat broth mixed with bean sprouts.

    ¢ºSoup: Prepare a bean sprout soup putting in abalones and short-necked               clams

    ¢ºVegetables etc.: Fry or blanch green or cooked vegetables and mix them with sliced raw meat etc. As a special touch, it can be made more delicious by adding dropworts, young zucchini, green-pea jelly or soy bean sauce.