Bongsunsa Temple



 On this site used to stand Unaksa Temple.
It was built by
Poinguksa in 969, the 20th year of the reign of King Kwangjong of the Koryo Dynasty. In 1469, the first year of the reign of King Yejong, Queen Chonghee, wife of King Sejo, established the tomb of her husband on this mountain and renamed the temple Bongsunsa. As the temple experienced several wars including the Imjinwaeran, Pyongjahoran, and the Korean War, it has been
burned down and rebuilt several times.  The peaceful and quiet temple gained its fame when the famous Korean novelist Ch'unwon Lee Kwangsu, and Sohae Ch'oehaksong, Unam Kim Song-suk, and Ko Eun, a famous poet, became friends with Unho, a former
head monk of this temple.
The thickly wooded road in front of the temple toward the direction of P'och'on leads to the Forest Museum built and managed by the Korea Forestry Research Institute.