Botapsa Temple's Wooden Shrine Temple



 Sanggye-ri and Yeongok-ri of Jincheon-eup used to be a border of Silla and Goguryeo. The birthplace of General Kim Yu-sin is located at Damanbat in Gyeyang village, Sanggye-ri, and there are the fortresses - Taeryeongsanseong and Manroesanseong - at Mt. Manroesan. At Birip-dong, Yongok-ri is known as the site of where the large temple of Goryeo Dynasty in which ¡°White Stele¡± was found. The White Stele, designated as Treasure No. 404, is now set inside Botapsa Temple along with a three-story stone pagoda.

In 1991, the cultural remains investigating team visited here and in May of 1992, the construction of Botapsa Temple was began under the supervision of the Cultural Remains Committee led by Sin Yeong-hun. Cardinal Buddha Images were placed on the each corners of the first floor of the temple, the Sutras on second floor and triptych of Maitreya on the third.

The name of the temple,
Botapsa, suggests an episode in the Saddharma-pundarika Sutra in which Daboyeorae performed a miracle by creating seven pagodas (Chil-botap) so as to prove and praise the lessons of Buddha. According to this legend, the pagoda, Bobaetap was built in order to praise the truth of Buddha and propagate his lessons.