Buyeo National Museum


Buyeo national museum

 Originally built in 1929, Buyeo National Museum reopened on August 6, 1993 in a new building. Sitting on an area of 62,810 square meters, the new building has a display space of 2,116 square meters, which is three times as big as the old one. It houses about 7,080 relics of the Backje Kingdom, including the Guilt- bronze Seated Maitreya (Nat'l Treasure No. 83). This new building consists of four exhibition halls: the Prehistory Hall, History Hall, Buddhist Art Hall and Special Exhibition Hall.  
In the museum, more than 400 relics, excavated in Kubong-ri, Buyeo-gun and in Tongso -ri, Yesan-gun, are displayed to show the cultural
development of the Bronze Age in Korea.   Many other relics, such as Buddha images and 90 stoneworks, also demonstrate Backje Kingdom culture.