Camp Bonifas



 The U.N. Command forces have jurisdiction over the Panmunjom that is the only place controlled by them in South Korea. The forces stay in the Camp Bonifas named in honor of the late captain Auther G. Bonifas who was killed in ¡®the axe murder incident¡¯ in Panmunjom area on 18 August 1976.
 The U.N. Command guard forces were established with 5 officers and 10 soldiers in May 1952, and have conducted their duty to support the Military Armistice Commission conferences.
 At the time when the Korean War was over, the number of soldiers were about 1900, but now about 400 soldiers including ROK and U.S. soldiers conduct their duty to guard the Panmunjom. The UNC guard forces have four important duties.  First, to guard the Panmunjom JSA. Second, to guard and support the Military Armistice Commission. Third, to conduct the administration of Daesung-dong ¡®Freedom Village¡¯. Fourth, to secure visitors of the Panmunjom and conduct a tour guide.