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 Kangjin, Chonnam was a Celadon production site from the late Unified Shilla period to the early Koryo period. Kangjin can be called "the treasure-house of celadon ware", because of its 500-year history.
In 1939, during the Japanese Colonial Period, it was designated Relic No. 107. After Independence, in 1964, it was designated Historic Spot No. 68. From 1991 to 1992, the Haekang Museum completed an overall survey of the Koryo Celadon Porcelain Kiln, and analyzed all 188 central Celadon sites. Despite the historic and cultural significance, there was no facility for the preserv -ing and exhibition of celadon in Korea. To maintain and conserve our important relics, Kangjin County was supported by the Culture Bureau of Property Custody with 6.5 billion won. With this budget, the construction of this museum was begun in December 1991, and opened as the
"Kangjin Celadon Data Museum" in September 1997 in time for "the 2nd Kangjin Celadon Culture Festival".
The purpose of this museum is the collection, preservation, exhibition and study of Celadon at an original Celadon production site. Outside of the museum, we teach the history of celadon pottery to the public and we provide a wealth of data to scholars.

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