The interwined mountain ranges of small and big,

forming a backbone, embraced in its bosom,

the persisting history of 5,000 years of Korea.

Chi-Ri Mountain is a great mountain made

appearance in the southern part of the Korean


From ancient times, Chi-Ri Mountain,

together with Keum-Kang Mountain and Halla

Mountain, was known to be one of the Sam-Shin

(three gods) mountains, and was one of the

5 peaks of Shilla. It was believed that"A foolish

man staying in the mountain becomes a wise man

", hence the name of the montain, Chi-Ri

(knowing wisdom).


Designated as a first national park on December

29, 1967, it covers a total area of 440,485km

in the three provincial areas.

The park boasts of peaks,waterfalls, big temples

and cultural assets.


There are some 10 conspicuous peaks such as

Chonwang-Bong,a seccond highest peak in South

Korea,Chesok-Bong, Panya-Bong, Nohgo-Dan.

About 6 famous valleys include Pamsa-golvalley,

Chilsun valley,Daewon-Sa valley and 10 prominent

waterfalls include Kuryng Waterfall, Pulil Waterfall

Yongchoo Waterfall.