Chojijin Port


 Historic site No.225 (624,Choji-ri,Kilsang-myon,Kanghwa-gun) This fortress was built in 1656, the seventh year of King Hyojong(r.1649-59) of the Choson Dynasty, to defend against invasions from the sea. It was erected in 1656 to prevent invasion of enemies from the sea. In October 1866 it saw action against the French Asiatic Squardron commanded by Admiral Roze which came to Korea to retaliate for the killing of nine French Catholic missionaries. The fort was also the site of a fierce battle with America's Asian Fleet which sailed into Korean waters in 1871 in an attempt to open Korean ports to American trade and in August 1875 the fort saw action with a Japanese Battleship,Unyang-ho,which intruded into Korean waters. Especially the invasion by Unyang-ho of Japan opened the door of Japanese colonization
of Korea through the forced Kanghwado Treaty in 1876.
The castle was repaired in 1973 and a cannon was displayed.