Choksukru Pavilion


The whole view of Choksukru Pavilion


Choksukru Pavilion on the precipice of the Nam River, built in the 28th year of King Kojong of the Koryo Dynasty, commands the finest view in the southern part of Korea. It served as the command post for the defense of Chinju Castle during the Japanese invasion of Korea, but during peace time it was usually used for government service examinations, so it was also called Changwon-nu, the pavilion of winning first place in the examinations. It was destroyed during the Korean War but was resored in May 1960.

 Nearby the pavilion is Uigisa Shrine, dedicated to the loyal and patriotic kisaeng Nongae, who leapt to her death from a rock the near into the Nam River while embracing one of the Japanese generals. The rock is called Uiam and it still today overlooks the unceasingly flowing steam of human history.