Located in Kwangchonni, Nam-myon, 3 kilometers south-westward off from Yongwol-eup,     Chongnyongpo is the place where King Danjong, who was enthroned at the age of 12 and     deprived of his crown at 16 by his uncle Suyang, has spent 2 months of his banished life.

    The islet-like place is surrounded by the winding river and walled by stiff cliffs, making itself
    a natural prison.
    There remains the Tablet House, Keumpyobi, Manghyangtab, Nosandae and Kwaneumsong,
    all of which generate a sad atmosphere of the days when the ill-fated King lived in horror of
    death and loneliness.
    It was named Chongyongpo, for the river is always clean and is in harmony with the ountains,     which induces a great number of tourists.