Choosa Kim, Jung Hee's old house



 This house is known to have been built by WolsongˇŻui Kim Hanshin, great grandfather of Choosa Kim Jung Hee, a realist and supreme calligrapher of late Choson period.  It is a shaped house covering the area of 80.5 pyong (about 266m2) and equipped with an inner gate, small side gates and a store house.  It has an inner wing, a drawing wing and a gate wing.  The inner wing has a 6 kan (bay) grand floor, 2 kan main living room, and a room across it.
A white pine tree, designated as
natural monument No. 106, stands at the spot 500 meters northwestward from the old house of Choosa.  White pine is native to China and is a very rare species in Korea.
It was brought to Korea by
Choosa when he was returning from China at age 25.  He planted it at the entrance of the tomb of his great-great-grandfather, Kim Hunggyong.  Initially, it grew in three trunks from a point 50cm from the ground.  Later, the two trunks in the middle broke away and the trunk at the east remained.  However, since the damaged part of the trunk under-went a surgical operation in 1980, it has been thoroughly protected and managed. In addition, there is the tomb of Choosa, the combined tombs of great grandfather Kim Hanshin and his wife Princess Hwasun-ongju, and Hongmun Gate, built to pay tribute to her faithfulness.

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