Daejeon Science Expo Theme Park


Expo science park

 The Expo Science Park is the first science park ever established in Korea. It was constructed under the theme of "Science is my Friend. Today's dream will become tomorrow's reality". The Science Exposition held at Daejeon has been reshaped into this modern science park to serve as a forum for international scientific and cultural exchanges and to provide the public fun and excitement. The 18 pavilions include the Government Pavilion, Hanbit Tower, Information Communication Pavilion, Natural Life Pavilion, Recycling Pavilion, Space Exploration Pavilion, Automobile Pavilion, Electric Energy Pavilion, Technopia Pavilion, Material Pavilion, Humans and Science Pavilion, Earth Pavilion, Imagination Pavilion, Recycled Greenhouse, Daejeon Pavilion, each representing a different themes.

Hanbit Tower