Farmer's dance & music

 Nong-ak, historically one of the oldest forms of all, is the strenuous

outdoor farmers' dance.   As an expression of folk culture, this has

astonishing vigor and rhythmic verve. Leading a procession of men and

boys, a bearer carries a  pole with pheasant feathers at the top

(the ghost or spirit symbol) and a banner proclaiming:

         "Farming is the Mainstay of the Nation."

The dancers' hats are decorated with huge pompons of white paper

flowers of Buddhist influence. They accompany themselves with

hand-held drums, gongs, a piercingly loud reed instrument, and several

changgo(double-barreled drums) beaten with two kinds of bamboo sticks.

Following the leader's running, hopping turning they circle in union and the

high point is reached when smaller boys rotate their heads producing

long eccentric spirals with white ribbons attached to the special swivel

in the crown of their hats.

Nong-ak called by"Goot"has been named by various kinds of name;

Poongmul Goot, Poongjing Goot, Maegu Goot,Durae Goot,

Dangsanje Goot, Poongaje Goot, Chullrado Madangpabki Goot,

Kyongsangdo Gisinpabki Goot, Kulgung Goot, Jungkan Goot,

Namsadangpae Goot, Sottaejangipae Goot,Village Wine Drinking Goot.