Gagye Beach



 Adjacent to where the sea water mysteriously parts to create a road through it, Gagye Beach is 3km long and has a very large parking space of more than 30,000 pyeong. Many people visit the beach during the summer. The beach is especially popular for summer camps for students, companies, and religious groups. Aside from the beach, there is also a beautiful natural environment helped by the clear and azure water and a group of islands, including Geumho Island, and Mo Island which appear to be a stone's throw away. These natural places welcome many people on vacation, as well as many fishing enthusiasts who also vist this area.

Many residents in this town offer homestays for beach visitors, and they provide comfortable lodging. The beach itself has other facilities such as shower rooms, and is ideal for a family vacation. Gagye beach is only about 20 minutes away from Jindo-eup by car.