Gatbawi Rock



Gatbawi is one of Eight Scenic Spots in Mokpo. It is composed of two pieces of rock that look like two men wearing Satgat (conical bamboo rain-hat).

It is named as Jeongbawi and Satgatbawi; the former is about eight meters high and the latter is about six meters high. You can only see the real appearance from the ocean side. These rocks have a sad tail about a young man who lost his father early.

Also there is a legend of a Buddhist priest. The Buddhist Priest, who has high moral and spiritual sense, was going to Dakseom (land) from NabulDo across the Yeongsan river. On the way to the island, he put down his conical bamboo rain-hat and a stick to rest for a while here.

It is said that Gatbawi has appeared in that place where he put his hat and stick down.
Satgat means a conical bamboo rain-hat.