Green Tea



  Located through the Potchae Mountain Pass of Mt. Hwalsongsan, Bosong Tea Plantation spreads over the entire hillside, looking like a staircase covered with green carpet.  Tahyanggak Pavilion, built all the side of the road, offers a panoramic view of the plantation, as well as of the beautiful coastline of Dongyangman Bay.  Tea plantation's origin dates back to 1939 when Japanese tea experts, after determining that the area was the best in the country for growing tea, imported tea seeds from India and planted tea on a 29.7 ha site.   A new tea plantation was added in 1957 and extensive expansions have been made during the late '70s and early '80s, so that presently the plantation occupies a 600 ha site, the largest of its kind in Korea.  Today it produces approximately 70 tons of tea a year.  
The Dahyangje Tea Festival is held every spring during the tea picking season in order to promote tea-drinking.  The festival begins with a rite to the tea god and is followed by various interesting and colorful events including a tea leaf-picking competition, a tea-making contest, a Miss Tea contest, and a tea ceremony demonstration.