Gwangju Culture and Art Center



The Gwangju Culture and Art Center, located northeast of Gwangju, is the right place to encounter cultural heritage, along with the National Museum, Joongoi Park, the City Traditional Museum, and the City Gallery. The Gwangju Culture and Art Center includes various facilities such as a large theater, a small theater, a Korean classical music theater, an outdoor stage, a sculpture park and so on, on for a total of 27,000 p'yung.

The large theater has 1,800 seats, a spacious lobby of 600 p'yung, make-up rooms, and a reception room for big performances like drama, movies, or music concert. The small theater, equipped with 515 seats, can be also used for a experimental performances and concerts.

The Korean classical music theater, which covers 480 p'yung, is used for education and the practice of Korean classical music.

The Gwangju Culture and Art Center functions as a total cultural space to meet the needs of the local art community.