(A Course of Chonju-style Traditional Korean Meal) 

 Prepared, using 8 different main dishes, Hanjeongsik is served along with as many as 18 side-dishes. All the dishes are served in brass ware, in a genuinely Korean way of table setting.

Ēš Dishes can include
Cooked rice, vegetable soup, clam soup, kimchi, water kimchi, fried fish, a clay pot stew, beef simmered in soy sauce, vegetables, cooked rice wrapped in lettuce, pickled seafood, seasoned, grilled fish, steamed fish, and slices of boiled beef.

Ēš Features
Hanjeongsik is a course that puts all the methods of traditional Korean cuisine together.

Ēš Special touches
Preparation of special dishes unique to a particular season will make the course even more memorable.