Period : 2001. 9.14 ~ 9.23
Venue : Ginseng Exhibition Complex, Ginseng Herbal Crossroads

The Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) festival is not just a folk festival, but it combines Geumsan's traditional culture, Insam (Ginseng), and medicinal herbs altogether under the catch phrase "One day in Geumsan Makes Your Future Brighter" for the purpose of stretching out to the international level world festival. And so, Geumsan greets you with various corners and unique things for you to experience and see.

The Geumsan Nong-ak (a traditional swift and jovial instrumental music of peasants) and Mulpegi-nong-yo (a traditional song the farmers sing while doing a collective farming) that already gained a reputation nationally and internationally, and the festivals such as Jinaksan Sansin-je (a mountain god festival) and Gaesam-je (a ginseng festival) filled with Insam (Ginseng)'s mysteries - all of these are something special you can hardly see in any place other than Geumsan.

Just like a suzerain of Korea Insam (Ginseng), the Geumsan festival provides a food corner for a sampling of 55 selected Insam (Ginseng) cuisine, and a health food corner. With these kinds of things
to see, and foods to eat, the Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) Festival offers a "Geumsan Insam (Ginseng) Health Special Show" for the demonstration of the oriental medical diagnosis, as well as a health cosmetics corner where the tourists can access to the Insam (Ginseng) in person. Especially, the [Insam (Ginseng) Picking Trip] corner, which is a theme experience corner, allows you to personally pick the Insam (Ginseng) grown in the woods, and you can purchase those ginseng you pick at a low price.

In addition, there is a corner designed for "producing Insam (Ginseng) breads in order to bring them home in commemoration of sightseeing", and you can boast of your talent by personally baking a piece of Insam (Ginseng) bread using ginseng you purchase at the market, and you can have a good time to "experience" the various things with your family. During the period of the festivity, you are given a chance to purchase the Insam (Ginseng) and medicianl herbs at a lower price.

Main Events

International Ginseng Exhibition, Ginseng Harvesting,
International Folk Performances, Medicinal Herb Dicing,
Souvenir Ginseng Bottle Making, Geumsan Ginseng Medicine Handbook etc.