Yi Yul-gok was born in the 31st year (1536) of King Chongjong's reign during the Choson Dynasty in Kangnung and made his mark as a distinguished Confucian scholar.  Neo-confucianists divide all existence into two inseparable components 'i' and 'ki.'  The school stressing the primary of 'i' is represented by Yi On-jok (1491-1553). But Yi Yul-gok compelled the formulation of countering philosophies by the school of thought that gave primary emphasis on 'ki' as the concretizing, energizing more material element. The theory of the primacy of 'ki' looked upon the material, energizing force of 'ki', rather than the mysterious formative power of 'i', as the fundamental factor in the existence of the universe. In front of his tomb there are a stone table with a tombstone on the left and Mangjusok Stone Monuments on both sides.  Below the tomb terrace stand stone statues of civil officials. One can also visit the museum, where relics of Yulgok and his mother Saimdang are displayed. This place is also popular as a picnic site.