Jindo Bridge



This 484 m-long and 11.7 m-wide Grand Jindo Bridge connects Nokjin in Kunnae-myeon, Jindo with Hakdong, in Munnae-myeon of Haenam.
Ever since its completion, on October 18, 1984, it has been a major tourist attraction.
Tourists enjoy beautiful sunsets from the bridge, as well as its view of night. The quick currents and whirl pools of Uldulmok Passage, right below the bridge, offer an eye-catching scene.

Location: Nokjin, Kunnae-myeon, Jindo-gun & Hakdong, Munnae-myeon, Haenam
Ēš Length: 484m
Ēš Width: 11.7m

 Uldulmok Passage is well-known as one of the three major battle sites of Admiral Yi Sun-sin during the Japanese invasion at the end of the 15th century. The passage is 294 m wide, about the width of the Han River in Seoul, and the water flows at 11 knots/hour, the fastest seawater current in all of Asia. The water makes a loud roaring sound, as if young men were shouting in their loudest voices. There are also whirl pools in the passage, making it difficult for ships to travel against the flow.

 The sea below looks more like a flowing river than a sea. The water rolls and swirls, and crashes in the passage because of its narrowness. It strikes the rocky cliffs on both sides, bouncing back and whirling furiously around.