Songkangsa (Songkang Jung Chul's Shrine)



 Songkangsa is a shrine that houses the memorial tablet of Jung Chul, the most famous poet and minister during the reign of Sunjo (1567-1608), the 14th king of the Choson Dynasty.  Jung Chol was a leading figure in "Kasa" Literature (old form of Korean verse).  He composed such famous verses
as Kwandongbyolgok, Hunminga, Samiingok, and Sokmiingok.  His grave was originally located in Shinwon-ri, Wondong-myon, Koyang-gun, Kyonggido. In 1665, the 6th year of the reign of King Hyonjong, Jung Chull's descendent, Jung Yang, relocated his grave to the present site and built a shrine in his honor. Designated as Provincial Monument No. 9, this 62.81 square meter shrine measures 3
kans* in the front and 2 kans on the side. The relics exhibition hall, an octagonal-shaped building of 105.7 square meters, houses Unpae (silver belt), Okpae (jade belt) and Soganch'inpil
(a personal letter written by Chong ch'ol).
* a Kan is a traditional method of measuring the space between two columns.