Dasan Jung Yak-Yong


Jung Yak-Yong

 Dasan (Jung's Pen name!) Jeong Yak-Yong (1762-1836), the great synthesizer of the "Practical Learning" movement in Korea's Neo- Confucian thought, spent 18 years in exile in the country of Kangin
on the south coast.
His written works fill some
500 volumes on such far reaching subjects
as philosophy and ethics, politics and the economy, science, public administration, literature and the joy of tea drinking.  Jeong did most of
his writing while in presecution of 1801, proving the value of distance
and isolation to the gentleman scholar.

Gerjungky (windlass)


In 1792, Tasan utilized a windlass, a special kind of crane to build a high stone wall of Suwon, which was registered as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1997.