Summary of Agreement

1. Contents included in fare

1) Accommodation charges subject to grade while on board

2) All meals while on board

3) Viewing the performances while on board

4) Charges for shore excursions of Mt. Kumgang

5) Port and anchorage dues

2. Contents excluded in fare

1) Additional charges for luggage and additional cabin luggage except free-carriage

2) All fees or service charges for personal needs such as telephone, telegram,      laundry, beverages or custom duties, etc.

3) All medical expenses following doctor's diagnosis for the passenger's personal      illness, injury or other reasons during the passage

4) Transportation expenses for the period of time before the embarkation at the port of      departure and after the disembarkation at the port of arrival

5) Other expenses not written in the schedule

3. Limit of passage

1) The applicant for the passage is limited the qualified persons by the South Korean      law.  The carrier can refuse passage of anyone who may harm the Country law,      public order and public morals or disturb the smooth progress of the passage

2) The old and the weak, patients (heart disease, hypertension, etc.) and the      physically handicapped must inform the Carrier of their physical disabilities of      other handicaps before booking and the Carrier can refuse passage of anyone      who, in the Carrier's opinion, is unfit for passage if a passenger writes illegal,      unjust or false contents in the application.

3) The Carrier can refuse to accept reservation or continuity of passage if a      passenger writes illegal, unjust of false contents in the application.

4) The Carrier can refuse the continuity of passage in case of passenger's improper      personal action during shore excursions.

4. Cancellation of the Contract

 The passenger shall be entitled to withdraw from the Contract at any time by giving written notice of cancellation to the Carrier.  The fare is to be refunded within seven days after the Carrier receive written notice.

1) More than 16 days prior to the departure :
    If the Passenger cancel the Contract more than 16 days in advance of the     scheduled sailing date, the agree fare will be refunded in full

2) Between 15 days prior to the departure and the date of departure :
    If the Passenger cancel the Contract between 15 days before the scheduled     sailing date and the departure, 50 % of the agreed fare will be refunded

3) After sailing of the vessel :
    The Passenger shall receive no refund after the vessel sails

4) After the departure :
    If a Passenger fail to receive the service included in the fare due to
    his/her own fault, no refund will be made.

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