Kanghwa Island



The old name of Kanghwa Island was "Kabbigocha" in ancient times, "Hyolgu-gun" in Great King Kwanggyeto of Koguryo, "Haegu-gun" in King Kyongduk of Shilla period, "Kanghwa-hyon" in King Taejo of Koryo and the name has been changed again to "Kanghwa-gun" in King Kojong of Choson period. Kanghwa has been incorporated to Inchon Metropolitan City on March 1, 1995.

Our county, Kanghwa is being developed in order to be the best tourist resort that can lead the coming 21C as a core city of "Inchon Sea Development Area" centering the cultural relics in the motto of "Country of history toward the developed and advanced Kanghwa" by praising our ancestor's royalty to have fought to the last against the foreign invaders and "Ideal of Hong-Ik-In-Gan"(Devotion to the welfare of mankind) by Tangun.

History of Kanghwa

Ancient times : Kabbigocha

AD 400

: Hyolgu-gun in Great King Kwanggyeto of Koguryo

AD 742

: Haegu-gun in King Kyongduk of Shilla period

AD 939

: Kanghwa-hyon in King Taejo of Chosun

AD 1377

: Changed to Kanghwa-gun in King Woo of Koryo

AD 1413

: Installed Kanghwadohobu in King Taejong of Choson

AD 1627

: Raised to Kangdo in King Injo of Chosun

AD 1895

: Renamed to Kanghwa-gun in King Kojong of Chosun

AD 1915

: Kyodong-gun has been incorporated to Kanghwa-gun

AD 1962

: Poreum branch office has been installed

AD 1973

: Raised to Kanghwa-up from Kanghwa-myon

AD 1995

: Incorporated to Inchon Metropolitan City from Kyonggi Province