Ganghwa Historic Museum

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Since Ganghwa Island has a variety of historical remains such as old battlefields and mountain castles to name a few, it takes much time to look all around. This is why you should start your journey of Ganghwa with Ganghwa Historic Museum, where you can get specific information about the island's historical sites, helping you decide where to visit and wisely save time. Especially those who don't have enough time shouldn't miss to stop in at this representative place of Ganghwa.

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It opened On September 14, 1988, 5 years after the construction plan was mapped out in 1984. The history of Incheon including Ganghwa is sorted out in four exhibition halls according to period; prehistory, Unified Shilla, Goryo and Joseon. They show quite a number of remains related to wars including three-pronged spears and chivalrous nives, providing a vivid picture of then defensive efforts. Right next to the historical center, there is Kapgotdondae. When Ganghwa was the capital during the Goryo Dynasty (1232-1270), it was an important fortress to keep the Ganghwa Straight from foreign invasion for as long as 39 years. A trifoliate orange tree is standing between Ganghwa Historic Museum and Kapgotdondae. That is the far northern natural monument on the west coast.

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