Labor Party Building

This is a three-story, non-iron concrete building that was completed on 1946 with the compulsory labor and fund-raising under the communist government. At that time, to build this Labour party building, funds, manpower or equipment that is equivalent to 200 seoms (a unit of counting bags of grain) of polished rice were raised per one ri (unit of town). Construction started and ended in 1946, and it is a Russian type structure with total floor space of 570pyeongs.
The distinctiveness of this building is that every room has soundproof walls and is specially designed for security reasons, and during the construction of inside facilities, only devoted partisan were allowed to work inside for security reasons. This was where they proceeded with the top secret projects ordered from the Central party and the main affairs of the central region including Cheolwon, Gimhwa, Pyeonggang, Pocheon, and Yeoncheon.