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Halong Bay, Vietnam

 Be spellbound as you discover an archipelago of 3,000 islands and magnificent rock formations. Its natural beauty is only part of an endless encounter with love, history, soul, misery, confidence, morality and happiness associated with these islands. Halong Bay's mystical and breathtaking scenery have made the bay one of Vietnam's natural marvels. So beautiful that it has been designated a "World Heritage Site".
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Sanya, China

 Located on the southern-most tip of Hainan Island is the lovely seaside city of Sanya. Sanya enjoys a mild tropical climate with abundant sunshine, with colourful flowers in bloom throughout the year. Reputed to be an excellent resort cite, Sanya attracts thousands of visitors all year round to its beach resorts. One can also find some of China's most beautiful pearls in Sanya where pearl cultivation is an important industry.
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Haikou, China

 Haikou, the capital of Hainan Island derives its name from its location at the mouth of the Nandu River on the northern tip of the island. It is a busy port city and serves as a major hub for the island's business activities with mainland China. It's warm and beautiful scenic coastline attracts numerous visitors and Hainan Island is popularly known as "Hawaii of the Orient". The city is not only rich in scenery but also for its delicious Hainanese cuisine now famous all over the world.
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Hong Kong, China

 Asia's truly international, cosmopolitan and vibrant city, a melting pot of East and
West. From the futuristic new airport at Cgek Lap Kok, fantastic skyscrapers, colorful local markets, a vibrant harbour, to ancient Chinese traditions practiced till this day, Hong Kong offers the visitors a rich myriad of sights and sound. 
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