The Maeng, Sasung's old house


maeng's house
(Historic Site No. 109)

 The Maeng House 3 miles east of Asan-shi was the house in which Maeng Sa-sung (1360-1438), who served as first and second deputy premier under King Sejong and who was noted for honesty and integrity, lived. The house was built to reflect both Koryo and Tibetan styles in the interior. The ceiling is traditional latticed one and the room floor is covered with thickoiled paper. On the premises are an ancestral shrine and a pavilion. On the premises are an ancestral shrine and a pavilion named Kukoe-jong and who large gingko trees believed to be over 600 years old. The Maeng House has been designated as Historic Site No. 109 by Korean Government for preservation Jade pipe (musical instrument), jade hat ornament, jade seal and inkslab personally used by Maeng Sa-sung and his wife's jade hairpin are kept in the house.

Maeng Sa-Sung's Relics
(Maeng Sa-Sung's Relics)