5.18 Democratic Revolution Memorial Cemetery


mangwoldong1 mangwoldong2

 Kwangju is known as 'a City of Justice'.Its citizens are courageous enough to rise against the injustice and any form of oppression. The May 18th Democratization Movement, which made this small city in southern Korea one of world-famous origin
of democracy, is also the natural outcome of such spirit. The people who fought for
the democratization of Korea paid the price with their blood and lives are silent now.
One hundred thirty souls who sacrificed their lives for the Movement are now lying in
Mangwoldong Cemetery. Currently the May 18 Cemetery, which has been neglected
so long under previous governments, are in the middle of reconstruction to represent
Kwangju citizen's proud tradition and heritage of democracy more appropriately.
With the support of the central government, May 18th Memorial Hall and Memorial
Tower were constructed

 Memorial Tower for the May 18 Democratic Movement


Photographic Memorial House