Hahoe Byolshingut Talnori: Mask Dance

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maskdance1From March to October, the Hahoe Village Center in Andong puts on the Hahoebyulshingut Mask Dance Drama Performances. This mask dance drama has been performed by common people in Andong since the middle of the 12th century.Though Pyolshingut belongs as to the general village kut, its unique characteristic is that it has clear theatrical independence.


Visit the Andong Hahoe Mask Museum and Andong Hahoe Village, a P'ungsan Ryu family village where the cultural life of Koreans is frozen in time. Close by, Tosansowon (Confucian Academy) stands in honor of Confucianist T'oegye Yi Hwang, along with Pong jongsa Temple of the Shilla Kingdom, housing Kukrakchon, the oldest wooden structure in Korea.

Hahoe Mask

The oldest wooden mask used in the Hahoebyulshingut Mask Dance Drama. It is believed that it was first created near the end of the Koryo Dynasty or the Choson Dynasty. Originally, there were twelve different types, nine of which exist today. (National Treasure No.21)