Mokpo Maritime Museum


Mokpo maritime museum

A great variety, including 74,000 ancient coins; 5,600 items exhibited  

Ēš1st Exhibition Room
A wooden ship made during the Koryo Dynasty and 5,600 pieces of pottery, 30,645  pieces of Koryo celadon, two earthenware items, 18 metallic items, nine wooden I  items and one stone item, 81 pieces excavated from ancient ships

Ēš2nd Exhibition Room
 22,007 items from the 14th century Chinese Won Dynasty, including 20,661 pieces
 of earthenware, 729 pieces of metallic ware, 43 pieces of stone-ware, and 574  miscellaneous items

Ēš3rd/4th Exhibition Rooms
Four Koryo celadons, two porcelains from the Chinese Song and Won dynasties, a  Hyonja Ch'ongt'o from the 16th century Yi Dynasty, a Ship History Exhibition Room,  molded flat-bottom earthenware from the Kaya Era(model), a wooden ship  excavated from Anapchi of Kyongju, a six-meter picture showing the ancient way of  rowing. These and other collections offer a vivid overview of Korea's ancient  maritime transportation.