Moowisa Temple



 Moowisa Temple is located 16 Km northwest of Gangjin-up. According to
the temple's chronicles, it was first built here on the southern slope of
Mt. Wolch'ulsan in the 39th year of King Chinp'yong's reign during the Shilla Kingdom (617) and was named Kwanumsa.  The name was changed to Moowisa in 1555 when Zen Master T'aegam-sonsa revamped it for the
fourth time.  
 Most of the structures built at that time, except for Kungnakchon, the main
hall, were destroyed by fire during the Japanese invasions of 1592-1598.   Kungnakchon Hall, which was built in the early years of Choson, was designated Nat'l Treasure No. 13.  A stele to Monk Songakdaesa (Treasure No.507) and a 3-story stone pagoda, botherected during the  Koryo period, also remain on the temple grounds.