Jangsungmo Pottery Kiln


Mr. Jang
Ceramist Mr. Jang

 By not using any chemical fertilizers or agricultural chemical, but by using ferment composts directly made in our farm, we produce a good quality of the organic agricultural products, such as Todok roots(Condonopsis lanceolata), yams, gomchi( a kind of groundsel), potatoes, grapes etc, and we also breed the fowls and wild ducks native to Korea. You can have a chance to taste them very much in its traditional form.
In addition to these products,you can have another chance to taste fresh catfish, fresh trout, a hot soup of catfish, a baked catfish, or  roasted todok roots etc. You can enjoy  the natural taste in them.
Here in Sokcil, the  friendly and blue skies,  and rolling mountain ranges will make you feel wholesome and at home.  Once you look around at your surroundings, you will feel the aroma of mother nature.