Mt. Mudung


 Mt.Mudung is 1,187m high above the sea level. It stretches from the east edge of Gwangju-Gwangyeoksi, to Damyang and Hwasun. It is round shape. Famous stones such as Gyubong, Ibseok-dae, Seoseok-dae and temples such as Jungsim-sa, Wonhyo-sa, Yaksa-sa are located around the peak. In 1972, it was designated as provincial park. Under the mountain, there are many kinds of enter- tainment and convenient facilities. And also Mt. Mudung attracts people because of Chunseol tea. The tea has excellent aroma of Mudeung water melon, which was given to king. If you start from Jeungsim-sa on the hill of the mountain, and climb about 2 hours, you will reach the top of mountain. As travel road is opene toward northeast of the mountain, it takes about 30 minutes by car to Wonhyo valley, and from the valley it is a one and a half hour hike to the summit. The size of park is 30,23 square km (Gwangju 27.03km : Jeollanam-do 3,20 square km)