Naesosa Temple


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 During the reign of King Mu of the Paekche kingdom, the priest Haegudut'a founded this temple, calling it Sonaesa, with a main compound, Taesonaesa, and a small auxiliary compound, Sosonaesa. Taesonaesa was burnt down centuries ago, but Sosonaesa has remained intact.  The Zen priest Ch'ongmin renovated the temple in 1633 during the Choson dynasty and it is presumed that the name was changed to
the present
Naesosa at that time.
 In 1865, during the reign of King Kojong, the temple was renovated again by the Zen priest Kwanhae and it was restored by the Zen priest Manho years later.
 The doors of this temple are especially exquisite. They are all fretwork up-straight and diagonal flower designs. The interior wall of the main sanctum is elaborately decorated with lotus flowers and clouds in relief. It has a half-heap roof

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