Enjoy the Exotic World of Southern Cooking-Korean Style!
Features more than 500 kinds of native cuisine.

 Taste traditional native dishes, temple food, native cookies, traditional tea, and hundreds of other dishes. Also enjoy a traditional wedding ceremony and various cultural events. Traditional products and food can be purchased at low prices.  

Where :

Folk Village in Nagan-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Events :


  • Traditional Native Dishes Exhibition :
    Traditional cuisine, temple food, native wine, native cookies, traditional tea, etc., over 500 different dishes exhibited.
  • Native Food Educational Center Open


  • Korean Native Food Guinness Record Contest : Drinking sikhye, peeling pears, drinking rice wine
  • Traditional Wedding Ceremony
  • Kong Okjin's Animal Imitation Dance
  • Traditional Martial Arts Show : Gyeongdang, Haedong fencing
  • Folk shows: Folk music play, drum dance, etc.
  • Traditional Product Exhibition, Sales
  • Outdoor play : Baebijangjeon, Lee Chunpungjeon