#23    Kyongju  &  its vicinity 1N2D

1st day  :  Sokkulam grotto temple & shrine,

             Bulkuksa temple, (582 A.D), Bomoonho             

2nd day : King Moonmu's Daewangam Rock tomb

              (681A.D)  Kameunsa temple site & twin

               three story pagodas (682A.D), Ankang

               Yangdong folk villageOksanseowon

               confucian academy & shrine.

*Departure : 08:00AM. 06 Nov at Korea exchange

                  bank  in front of  "Kangnam" subway        

* Transportation : Tour coach

* Accoommodation : Kyonju Kolon hotel(DLX)

*Cost(per person) :  Won 139,000 (DBL)

                              Won 129,000 (TPL)

                              Won 119,000 (4PAX)

                              Won 169,000 (SGL)

*10% D.C for children,students and who have joined   Parandeul culture tours in the past.  


*Tel     :(02)733-6793




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